Test Cases

If you are having trouble making a post at the PPMB—specifically, if you are getting a “Forbidden” screen when you hit the “Submit” or “Preview” buttons, try submitting the same post using this screen:

The purpose of this is to remove the extra layers of software that the PPMB must use, namely phpBB3 (the bulletin board software), PHP (the language the board is written in, and an interpreter), and MySQL (the database the board uses to store its posts). If you don't get the “Forbidden” screen here, then you've found a problem in that pile of software. But if you DO get the “Forbidden” screen here, then what you've come up against is a feature site5 has implemented to foil spammers who are attacking the Wordpress blogs they host.

If your post contains only text, there are work arounds. If your post is long, there's also notes for a fast way to get to the problem text on the page linked above.

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